Are you using a secure Wi-Fi connection?



Network Management is one of the topmost crucial topics. One of the major parts of Network management is managing your Wi-Fi connection securely. Today, technology has become so advanced in terms of connectivity and security. Also, advanced technology gives some rise to hacking. You may use a simple Protected Wi-Fi connection but is it really secure? Does the question arise that how much secure your Wi-Fi is? We will be giving some answers about this topic. Today’s topic covers the part that is your Wi-Fi connection so much secure that it will be able to handle Hacker’s attack. So, let‘s look at some Tips.

  • Securing with WPA2

In today’s scenario, everyone’s interest in Wi-Fi is only to access the Internet. But have you used the WPA2 security for security of your Wi-Fi connections? Some answers can be and some can be No. However, if you are using a WPA (Wireless Protected Access) or WEP (Wired Equivalent Privacy) security, the suggestion to you is not to use this security instead you must WPA2 (Wireless Protected Access 2) as the above both securities are more prone to hacking. Mobile Hotspot also asks you for security while setting up the Hotspot settings. Use WPA2 encryption for security.

  • Security Key matters

Using Wi-Fi connections with a security key is obvious if you are using a WPA or WPA2 security.
However, the security of that Wi-Fi connection also depends on the Password that you are using to use that Wireless Connection. Using a high secure suggestion would be an important suggestion. Use long Security keys as shorter passwords are more easily cracked by hackers nowadays. Use high-security key for Mobile Hotspots also.

  • SSID (Wireless Network Name)

SSID may become responsible for the hacking of your Wireless Connection.
In mostly Wi-Fi routers the SSIDs have a common name which can be a part of hackers list for hacking Wi-Fi connections. Also, there is a list of Hackers Containing top 1000 common SSIDs which are more prone towards hacking. So, make sure you are using a secure Wi-Fi SSID viz a different name for your Wi-Fessed also comes in the context of Mobile Hotspot settings try to use a unique SSID before enabling the mobile’s hotspot.

  • Wireless Connection Firewall

You may test your Wi-Fi router’s Firewall. The only thing you have to do is enabling it and Test it.
Wi-Fi routers have a built-in feature of Firewall. The advantage of the Firewall is it enables security and prevent it from hacking. Every router has a different configuration for the firewall. You may see your router manufacturer’s support site for more details. Also, there is ‘Stealth Mode’ feature in the Router’s Firewall. This mode helps to prevent from pings sent from Hackers port Scanning Tools. Therefore, reducing the network’s visibility.


Here we have seen some “TECHIE TIPS” to secure your Wireless-Connection.
After having the looks on these tips we can say that we should use a Secure Encryption viz WPA2 instead of using WPA or WEP security.
Instead of using the common name the SSID must be unique and different.
The inbuilt firewall must be turned on for securing the Wireless connectivity. Also, one should enable Stealth Mode for security.


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