Xiaomi Upcoming Phone Mi CC9 will have Mimoji with better version


Upgrading emojis has become a trend nowadays. All this was started from iPhone X. When Apple created Animoji. Animoji started to become famous and became a new sensation for fun and emotions for every user to express. However, Companies like Samsung, Xiaomi also started to take part in this upgradation of emojis. Samsung created AR Emojis and Xiaomi created Mimoji or Memoji. Although many users are not used to with this feature. Even, some times people also search what actually is the meaning of emojis.

Leaving that topic behind, the news for this time is that Xiaomi Upcoming Phone Mi CC9 or it’s Custom Edition, both will come with Mimoji with a new version. The first look of these Mimoji is really better than the old ones. This time Mimoji not only supports taking pictures but it also supports video recording as well. Here’s a Video¬†

Also, there are some images posted on Weibo. Here are the Pictures.

mimoji mimoji mimoji mimoji

Some other Specifications of Xiaomi MI cc9 are 48 MP Camera ( Rear Mounted), 32MP Camera ( Front Camera), Snapdragon 7 Series chipset with Adreno 618 GPU. The custom name could be called a Meitu edition. Hence, Xiaomi MI 9 CC and Xiaomi MI 9 CC Meitu edition. Also, one awesome feature is also confirmed and that is the Mimoji feature.






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